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This web site is being updated and will have a new design.  We cover current trends in technology, computers, the Internet, Search Engines, web design and CSS, and hosting.

We also offer useful information on Internet Advertising, webmaster resources and tools, servers and wireless technology.  Google is leading the way with may of these technologies and Yahoo is sliding down towards the bottom with some of these Internet based technologies.  Please click on this link to read an interesting article about Yahoo .  MSN seems to be solid and the MSN search engine show relevant quality results most of the time.

Google has just reported excellent financial results and recently purchased youtube.  Today Google stock is selling at $475 per share.  Google Adwords seems like they are becoming too expensive, however Google's results are so strong, some advertisers are very happy and Google continues to grow.  We think advertisers should consider other smaller company options like Seekon Web Directory , another great source of  information and Web Design Programming Forum are available for our readers to study and ask questions.  Please visit this web site often for new and updated information.

We also would like to thank Lanemaklaren for their sponsorship and contribution along the way. This project would not have been a reality without you!